Video Demo Reel

Editing / Motion Graphics: Philips Corporation Year End Video

I edited this video for Philips (they have said it’s one of their favorite videos ever!)

This is a great example of making music edits to enhance the video. In the end, it’s a bit of a magic trick to make the music work so perfectly with the video.

Directing / Camera / Color Correction / Editing: R.J. Corman Documentary

I wove this story of the railroad owner R.J. Corman together, told by a very large number of interviewees. I shot all the B-roll and most of the interviews. Shot in 4K with the Sony FS7.

A slightly different version can be seen here (now with over 140,000 views)

Directing / Camera / Editing: CSX Training Drama Excerpt

This is the last scene of a 30 minute safety training drama I directed, shot and edited for CSX Railroad. I proposed the original storyline and collaborated on writing the script. Another scene can be seen here and here, and the full program can be seen here. Shot with the Sony FS7.

Directing / Lighting / Camera / Editing: Operation New Uniform

I did the lighting and audio, and shot and edited this piece about veterans finding work through Operation New Uniform. This was a pro bono job. Edited in Avid Media Composer, shot in 4K with the Sony FS7.

Editing: BMW iX – YouTube Influencer Review

Sometimes I do editing for YouTube influencers. Here’s a video I did for RevMatchTV.

I did something a little different with the music on this video. Instead of using just instrumental tracks from the music service (artlist) like usual (usual for me, usual for everyone with this type of work), I used some vocal tracks.

When I realized I could also download versions of most songs that have vocals without the vocals, I had to try this, and spent a few hours going through hundreds of tracks.

There are nine tracks on this with a vocal drop, where for just a few seconds I switch to the vocals. It’s a small thing really, but it adds a lot – kind of a legitimacy – to the final piece.

At 13 seconds in is a 3D scene created from about 100 frames of drone footage. This uses Instant NeRF, a new experimental neural network AI technology.

Producing / Editing: Comedic Whiteboard Explainer CSX Training Video Excerpts

These are excerpts from several hybrid whiteboard training videos for CSX Railroad that I produced and edited. I worked with an illustrator who created the drawings on paper. I then tweaked them in Photoshop and animated them in After Effects. I supervised the VO sessions and made many of the sound effects (watch to hear what sound a butterfly makes!) and collaborated with the writer to come up with the gags.

Directing / Camera / Editing / Element 3D: MillerCoors Sailboat “Make a Splash”

I spent a couple summers in Manhattan and Chicago on the MillerCoors sailboats. This is one of the ads I shot and edited and created the 3D logo for.

Directing / Camera / Editing / Color Grading: Lite Brite Jeep / E3 OffRoad Promo

I directed, shot and edited this combination promo / motivational video. Shot with the Sony FS5 and Sony A7.

Editing: Mustang Mach 1 – YouTube Influencer Review

Here’s another video for RevMatchTV (you can see this video on his YouTube channel here).

Camera / Editing / Color Grading: Sony FS7 Footage

Focal Point purchased a Sony FS7 in 2016 and some of this is footage I shot to test different pictures styles and LUTs, including S-Log. Other shots are from the Corman documentary that I shot. I used Sony Catalyst to create custom LUTs and did additional color grading in Avid Media Composer and Resolve.

Camera / Editing: Melba Pearson Campaign Ad

I shot and edited this campaign ad for Melba Pearson for State Attorney of Miami

Directing / Camera / Editing / Color Grading: The Wheel Life with Kevin and Brittany Documentary Excerpts

Excerpts from the 60 minute documentary / reality show I directed, shot and edited. See the full program here (yeah, it’s a bit cheesy).

Editing: BMW 1M – YouTube Influencer Review

Here’s another video I did for RevMatchTV (you can see this video on his YouTube channel here).

Editing: Forbes Living Sizzle Reel

This is a sizzle reel I edited for Forbes Living. Sizzle reel, not Sizzler reel.

Fractal Video Feedback Device (the Pandemic Project)

Real-time fractal creation with my Video Feedback Kinetic Sculpture. This is old-school video feedback. No computers were used (or injured) in the creation of these images. Go here for more videos and info.

Motion Graphics: Show Open

I created this motion graphic open in After Effects. The show’s producer gave me an example of what she wanted it to look like and I went from there. I also edited the show’s segments and put the weekly half-hour program together (a sample can be seen here).

Camera / Editing: CSX Training Intro Video

I did the editing and most of the camera work on this intro video for CSX railroad training modules.

After Effects / Sound Design: Logo Animation

I created this logo animation for Canvas Films in After Effects. I also made most of the sound effects in the VO booth (Phil, one of the owners of Canvas Films, saw me doing this and was like, hey, are you really just going to make a bunch of wooshing noises in the booth for this? It’s amazing what the right audio filters can do!)

Camera / Editing: Behind the Scenes

I shot and edited this behind the scenes video of a 35mm film Hair Club shoot in 2008. Yeah. Hair Club. See another in this series here, here and here.

Editing / After Effects Green Screen: Toyota Spot

I found the background images and composited them in After Effects for this green screen Toyota spot. No imaginary chickens were harmed during the making of this commercial.

Editing: Murder on the Cape Movie Trailer

I edited this trailer for the movie Murder on the Cape.

Editing: Scene from The Black Emperor of Broadway

This is a rough-cut of a scene from the movie The Black Emperor of Broadway.

Camera / Editing: Behind the Scenes with Terry Bradshaw

I shot and edited this behind the scenes video of a Terry Bradshaw shoot.