Video 2 – An Eclectic Mix

Deconstruction and a Cupcake: A Meta Documentary

I shot and edited this for the 2010 24 Hour Miami Film Race (Winner, Best Editing). The year’s theme was “lazy” and the surprise element was a cupcake. We had from 10pm Friday until 10pm Saturday to complete a video that incorporated that theme and element. We made the deadline, but things didn’t go quite as planned (or did they?). Shot on Betacam SP and a Panasonic AG HVX200 with a giant scratch on the lens. Music by fellow film race collaborator Jack Lorentz.

Squares in Perspective

Watching this slowly rotating cube within a cube within a cube is like watching clouds gradually change shape – if those clouds were painted by Josef Albers. Like many things, sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly which way things are moving, and like many things, this video ends exactly where it started. This modified tesseract was created in After Effects using a virtual camera with a very long lens. Different transfer modes and opacities were applied to the cube sides. Music by The Kingdom of Leisure.

Remember Me

I shot many hours of footage of a computer monitor while using the website Chatroulette (wiki here). This was in 2010 shortly after it first launched (and before it got weird). I put this collection of people from around the world together using that footage. Music by Brian Eno.


The Light Herder

This is old-school analog video feedback. No computers were used (or injured) in the creation of these images. I am the Light Herder.

The Day of Duckening

A friend decided one day to rescue a couple baby ducks from the feed store, and then realized later that having grown ducks was not a great idea. This is the tearful release into the wild of Gilgamesh and Enkido. The tilt up from the ducks in the last shot never actually happened and is a composite done in After Effects. They are still doing great, by the way! Shot with the Canon 70D. Quack!

Sweet Clown of Mine

This is me trying to act in this goofy little video from 2008 that goes under the heading “We’re bored and have this clown head prop thing, so…” Lots of music and sounds from Tangerine Dream. Trigger warning: CLOWNS!

Sampson Needs a Home

We had some down time at the office and made this impromptu video for little Sampson. Shot with the Sony FS7. Woof.

Hi. I’m Dave. Nice to Meetcha.

Shot with the Nikon AW100.