Video Reel #2

Experiments in Machine Learning Weirdness: Galaxie 500 Edition

Using VQGAN+CLIP in Visions of Chaos with a new feature I suggested that allows for automating multiple prompt inputs, and smooth transitioning of learning rate, zoom, pan and rotation.

Make sure to choose 4K playback, or there will be a lot of pixelation.

Fractal Logo Treatment with HD Video Feedback Device: Kicking Television Version

No computers used (or injured) in creating these images.TV Boy in New York gave me a great deal on some monitors in return for making them a video feedback video using their logo.

NVIDIA NeRF Test #1: Using AI to create a 3D scene from still images

This was created from about 120 stills taken from two phone videos – one lowish and one highish (drone footage with more high angles would be better. The roof was not captured at all, my arms were just not long enough).

West Wing Hartsfield’s Landing 2002/2020 cut together

I made over 650 edits to splice this West Wing episode’s original TV version and its stage version done 18 years later (as A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote). Mentioned on BoingBoing here.

Mothhawk Short Version

Using VQGAN+CLIP using myself as the seed image.

Live Photo Retrospective VIII 4K

Each time I transfer photos from the phone to a hard drive, I take the little videos the iPhone creates when a photo is taken with Live Photo turned on, and make a Live Photo Retrospective. This covers the first half of 2022.

See the entire series here.

Mom’s 90th Birthday Zoom Family Get-Together (I think it went pretty well)

Here, 2020 encapsulated and distilled into the most annoying family zoom video ever.

Remember Me

I shot many hours of footage of a computer monitor while using the website Chatroulette (wiki here). This was in 2010 shortly after it first launched (and before it got weird). I put this collection of people from around the world together using that footage. Music by Brian Eno.

Deconstruction and a Cupcake: A Meta Documentary

I shot and edited this for the 2010 24 Hour Miami Film Race (Winner, Best Editing). The year’s theme was “lazy” and the surprise element was a cupcake. We had from 10pm Friday until 10pm Saturday to complete a video that incorporated that theme and element. We made the deadline, but things didn’t go quite as planned (or did they?). Shot on Betacam SP and a Panasonic AG HVX200 with a giant scratch on the lens. Music by fellow film race collaborator Jack Lorentz.

Squares in Perspective

Watching this slowly rotating cube within a cube within a cube is like watching clouds gradually change shape – if those clouds were painted by Josef Albers. Like many things, sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly which way things are moving, and like many things, this video ends exactly where it started. This modified tesseract was created in After Effects using a virtual camera with a very long lens. Different transfer modes and opacities were applied to the cube sides. Music by The Kingdom of Leisure.